I'm a portrait photographer, and as such I have a list of people I would love to shoot. Some are long time heroes of mine, and some are people I've read books or articles by or about. There's no real rhyme or reason to it all except to say that I think each of these people would be really interesting to meet. And if I can take a good portrait of them in the process, all the better.

During my 365 Portraits project a couple of years ago, I had the chance to check off a number of people from my list, but it's a living list that's always growing. I've got partial contact information for some of them, but I've found that subjects are more comfortable when there's been an introduction.

So, please take a quick look at the list below and forward it around to everyone you know. If you know anyone on the list or know anyone who knows anyone on the list that could help, I'd be eternally grateful.

Also, if you think, "Oh man, he should totally shoot <insert person here>! I can't believe they're not on the list!". Then by all means, email me and let me know your idea. I'm sure I'm missing countless people that I just haven't thought of yet.

If you need to show anyone samples of my work, you can point them to http://www.billwadman.com

Thanks so much for your help.

Bill Wadman / bill@billwadman.com / 917 674 4595

Thinkers, Talkers, One of a Kind

Joseph Kittinger Highest Skydive

Rachel Maddow News Host

Anand Al Shippi Computer Reviewer

Thomas Knoll Photoshop inventor

Bill Joy Computer Scientist

Freeman Dyson Physicist

Reinhold Messner Mountain Climber

David Gelernter Computer Scientist

Olivia Judson Biologist

Jonathan Turley Law Professor

David Mancuso Disco Club innovator

Paul Krugman Economist

Bill Nye Science Cheerleader

Michio Kaku Physicist

David Gelernter Computer Scientist

Dr Kirsten Sanford Scientist, Journalist, Podcaster

Alvin Toffler Futurist

Stephen Colbert Show Host

Elon Musk Tesla Motors

Doris Kearns Goodwin Historian

Gallagher Comedian

James Carville Political Consultant



Bill Nighy Actor

Tom Baker Actor

Hugh Laurie Actor

Stoya Adult Film Actress

Richard Schiff Actor

Wallace Shawn Actor

Neil Patrick Harris Actor

Angela Lansbury Actress

Ron Howard Director / Actor

Ricky Jay Magician, Actor, Historian


Spencer Tunick Photographer

Roger Black Graphic Designer

William Coupon Photographer

Phillip Huber Marionette Arist

Paul Stankard Glass Artist

Elseworth Kelly Artist

Tobias Frere-Jones Type Designer

Michael Light Photo Master

Pavel Bespalko Jeweler




Sarah Vowell Author

Robert Pirsig Author

John Hodgman Author

Gail Collins Columnist

Elie Wiesel Author

Steven Moffat Screenwriter

Aaron Sorkin Screenwriter

Cameron Crowe Screenwriter

Bill Bryson Author



Jeffrey Gaines Songwriter

Leonard Cohen Songwriter

John Mosca Jazz Trombone

Benny Green Jazz Pianist

Michael Johnson Musician

Stanley Jordan Jazz Guitarist

John Scofield Jazz Guitarist

Felix Cavaliere Songwriter

Beth Nielsen Chapman Songwriter

Todd Rundgren Songwriter

Chick Corea Pianist

Emanuelle Ax Pianist

George Martin Record Producer

Paul McCartney Beatle

Graham Nash Musician / Photographer

John Mayer Musician

James Taylor Songwriter

Wendy Carlos Musician

Jimmy Webb Songwriter

Barry Manilow Musician