Bren Smith - Eating Well Outtakes

Bren Smith is the Executive Director of GreenWave and owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm.
We had a great time out on the water in the Long Island Sound with him last June. 

All images available for licensing. Please contact Efrat Zalishnick at or 212 926 9659

Athena Nike Redux with Parisa Khobdeh

A few weeks ago I had my lovely friend and Paul Taylor dancer Parisa Khobdeh come by and play around with a piece of red satin fabric I had waiting for her. I've always loved the Winged Victory statue at the Louvre. Something about the strength and grace of the pose. I'd imagine that's why everyone like it. So Parisa was a good sport and was kind enough to jump WAY too many times for my camera. These are my three favorites.

It's times like this that I'm reminded of how lucky I am to live in NYC with friends who are world-class at what they do. It was lit by one Einstein monolight in speed mode at about half power into a medium Softlighter. I was going for a Caravaggio light, I think I mostly got there. Thanks to Francisco Graciano for helping out on this one.

Drink Up Campaign

Late last year I was asked to get involved in a public service campaign called DrinkUp, part of The Partnership for a Healthier America which Michelle Obama was involved with while First Lady. The goal was to target segments of the Latino community in LA and get them to drink more water as a way to live longer healthier lives. 

The creatives at Polvora Advertising had seen and pitched the client using images from my long exposure Dancers in Motion series which the client had fallen in love with, so they contacted me and my team to see if we could do something similar for a series of outdoor advertisements that they had planned. We were more than happy to oblige.

In the end, we spend a week in a dark studio with a fantastic group of clients and creatives as well as 5 wonderful models who ran, kicked, danced, stretched, and shimmied their collective butts off for us. Besides the 5 stills posters, I was also tasked with directing footage of the amazing Mexican folk dancer Grisel Pren which will be used by the team at Universe Productions to create 15 and 30 second TV and web spots who's goal is to match the look and feel of the campaign's still images.

I couldn't be more proud of the results!