December Portrait Print Round-up

So December has come and gone and I've got 31 new photographs to show for it, mostly thanks to the fine people who helped me make them. I've also got a nice new box of shipping tubes and a huge roll of glassine which I need to use, so for the next 48 hours you can buy an 11x14" signed print of any one of the December Portrait series for only $50 (+$10 s/h). Come Monday, they're going back up to $100.

So if you, your mom, your friend, your stalker would like a delightfully nice archival pigment print of some of my art, now is the time.

[gallery link="file" ids="6605,6615,6620,6626,6642,6647,6652,6658,6663,6669,6694,6698,6701,6708,6714,6719,6732,6745,6752,6758,6763,6769,6776,6782,6788,6801,6806,6815,6820,6826,6834"]