Caroline Tamas

Lighting setups for those interested...Shot One: Beauty dish (with grid and sock) off to the right at head level with white board as reflector on the other side. Shot Two: Just beauty dish form above. Shot Three: Beauty dish (with grid) above and to the right with a ring flash for fill.




Contact Sheet of a Typical Shoot

Someone recently asked me if I'd consider sharing a contact sheet of one of my shoots, so they could get a sense of the scope of a shoot and my editing process and such. So here you go, a GIANT 3700 pixel wide screenshot (4k monitor baby!). It shows a total of 104 images, I deleted a couple of black frames where the flashes didn't fire, but the rest are in there once we got started. I should say that this isn't a 'typical' shoot in any normal sense. My friend Caroline was in town and came over for a chat, and since she's quite the photogenic one, I took the opportunity to shoot some portraits while we were catching up. I'll post the final selects in a bit. In the meantime, enjoy. I highly suggest that you right-click and 'save linked file as' the linked image to your desktop to view it as big as possible. Screen-Shot-2013-12-29-at-8.55.06-PM