Beer Diplomacy Podcast Guest Spot

I was the guest today on Stuart Tracte's podcast Beer Diplomacy. Which is interesting for multiple reasons. First, I don't drink, and second we didn't talk politics much at all. But we did discuss photography (of course), the new iPhone, and why the NSA spying pisses me off so much. Also, you can hear me swear which I don't do very much on On Taking Pictures. Enjoy.

I'm a guest on Portrait Walkthrough podcast

Jason Vandehey started a podcast recently called Portrait Walkthrough where he brings on a guest to talk through the making of an image or two. He asked if I'd like to participate and I'm a press whore like Kevin Smith, so of course I said 'Yes!'. We talked through a couple from my old Drabbles series. Chris Berger on the skateboard and Cynthia Smith on the floor with the leaky roof. Two of my favorite so don't miss out.

So go here and listen to the show: http://www.portraitwalkthrough.com/005/

...and while you're there subscribe because I'm sure the first few that Jason posted and those that follow will be just as riveting as I am. Just kidding, the other photographers will be a lot better spoken.

Circuitous Conversations #45 - Possessions

In this week's episode, Bill & Dan about Possessions. What things they care about and why. How the whole idea of stuff changes as things move from physical to digital. It's about the things we just can't seem to get rid of.

Show Notes:

Bill's speakers: B&W N804
Bill's headphones: Etymotic HF5 and Sennheiser  580
Dan's headphones: Shure SE425
Studio Headphones:
Sony 7506 / 7509

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