Engagement Portrait of Ali and Nhu-An

A few months ago I was asked to take an engagement photo by my friends Ali and Nhu-An. Most of the people who know me know that's not normally my bag of golf tees, but they didn't want a long lens shot of the two of them caressing in the middle of Central Park. Instead they wanted to build a blanket fort in their living room and fill it with memories from the first 30 years of their lives. Cool conceptual/environmental portrait that doubles as an engagement photo? Now THAT I'd be down for.

If you want to read the full story of this picture, head over to Brain Knows Better where Ali has written it up in great detail. Including a rundown of all of the objects in the shot.

For the photo nerds among you: 35mm/1.4L at f/10 to get depth of field. Had to drag the shutter a bit to 1/60th of a second to get the tungsten lights to show which required that camera be on a tripod. 46" Softlighter camera right, reflector camera left, with two speedlights behind the fort left and right to backlight the sheets. 

Bill WadmanComment