On Taking Pictures #89: 42 Puppies And A Snow Cone Machine



For the first episode of 2014, we discuss how the tools that we use shape the way we use them. We also talk about the photographer/subject relationship and discuss how to better connect with the people you are photographing, which may even inspire Bill to take on a new project. Master vs. Mentor – one is about status while the other is about a relationship. Stephen Shore is our Photographer of the Week.

Show Notes

What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2014? Full Frame Myth Picturing Portraits: An Afternoon with Bill Wadman 21-gun salute – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Polaroid Socialmatic retro insta-print camera slated for reality | CES 2014: Gadgets – CNET Blogs

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Photographer of the Week

Stephen Shore, Photographer

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Stephen Shore: Uncommon PlacesThe Nature of Photographs: A Primer