Contact Sheet Poster: An Alternative to Vacation Photo Prints

japanPosterWall A few years ago, my partner and I went to Japan for a couple of weeks. I shot about 20 rolls of film on my Hasselblad 501cm over the course of the trip which meant I came home with about 250 images. Not a lot for most photographers over days, but in my opinion, just enough.

When I got back I scanned and printed the best of the images and had a little show at a cafe near my house. Most of those prints have been given away to family and friends (my sister for one has a number of them including a shot of fish heads from Tsukiji market in her office at the Smithsonian) but I had been meaning to do something different for a while now. I wanted to create a contact sheet of all of the pictures, have it printed as a poster, and then stick it on the wall for people to peruse when they come to visit.

Today my 30x48" print arrived from El-Co Color (Love those guys) and it's on the wall. Pretty neat in my opinion and definitely something different from the handful of small or medium size prints most people would create. Next I've got to try it with my Italy pictures.