For Sale: Like New Fuji x100s - SOLD!

*** SOLD!!! *** FujiX100s_Sale-108

In the end, this wonderful piece of photographic equipment just isn't right for me so I'd like to find it a good home.

I'm selling my 'Like New' Fuji X100s. - That includes the camera in the original box with all of the included accessories - One additional battery - 49mm Tiffen multi-coated sky filter (which can act as a permanent lens cap without worrying that the lens will get scratched) - JB Camera Designs Grip-Base which protects the bottom of the camera and gives it a bit more size to boot.

A total of about $1400 worth of stuff list price, which I bought about a month ago so it's still very much under warranty.

I'm selling for $1050. Plus you will save yourself the sales tax. US only please.

If you're interested, email me