"Slugger" Cover

So my good friend Dave Keener asked me to help shoot and design his new CD cover, and I excitedly obliged since I had done the same for his previous album called The Easy Way a couple of years ago. The record was going to be called "Slugger", so I thought it would be fun to stick Dave in baseball card. The problem is, of course, that baseball cards are rectangular and covers are square. So the question was how to convert a rectangle to a square? In the end I decided to make Dave's card just one in a pile. Luckily I have a small collection of old cards that I shot as a background with a speedlight bouncing off the opposite wall, even shot a card on top (It was a signed Reggie Jackson!) to use for it's slightly beat up edges. I also made Dave's picture match the old school original by applying a color halftone screen to make it look like it had been printed (see below). It's the details that count, right?

The music is great by the way, it's available for download on July 4th. Here's the Amazon MP3 Link. I got to play some piano and organ on it to boot!

Card Stack-112-Edit

Card Stack-112-Edit-2