On Taking Pictures #64 – Goldilocks Camera Phenomenon


Show Notes

We lighten things up this week and talk about gear, specifically cameras and why what’s right for you may not be right for someone else…and that’s okay. Also, sometimes your photos really don’t matter… just enjoy the moment. Plus, Ellen von Unwerth brings the sexy as our Photographer of the Week.

Dan Winters- Photographs of the U.S. Space Program – LightBox The Joy of Old Age. (No Kidding.) – NYTimes.com John Nack on Adobe : No words The Trip BBC – Blogs – TV blog – Alive: Rankin Faces Death

Photographer of the Week Ellen von Unwerth – Wikipedia Ellen von Unwerth – Tumblr Ellen von Unwerth’s Videos on Vimeo Faded + Blurred Spotlight on Ellen Von Unwerth

Books We Recommend Ellen von Unwerth: Fraulein Plumes & Dentelles (Feathers and Lace): Autours des Parures de Chantal Thomass Ellen Von Unwerth’sRevenge [Hardcover]2011