On Taking Pictures #58 – “Art is Exposure”

otp-featured-brady-620x387 This week, we wrestle with whether or not you can be an artist, without locking your own self worth/self image to your art. What does it mean to live a creative life anyway? We weigh in on the firing of the photo staff by the Chicago Sun Times. Plus, we look at two Civil War era photographers, Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner as our Photographers of the Week.

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Photographer of the Week Mathew Brady – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alexander Gardner (photographer) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Collection: Mathew Brady Civil War Photographs (Flickr) The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Photography and the American Civil War

Books Brady’s Civil War Journal: Photographing the War, 1861-65 On Alexander Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War Photography and the American Civil War (Metropolitan Museum of Art)