On Taking Pictures #56 – “Then It Becomes RoboCop”

otp-56-soth-620x387 Big show this week as Bill and Jeffery question what happens when it’s the process used to create the art that’s interesting, not the result. Also, where do we draw the line between photo manipulation and photo journalism? Plus, questions from the OTP Google+ community and listener-suggested Alec Soth is our Photographer of the Week.

Show Notes

“Ice Cream Cait” by Bill Wadman on Vimeo

The Pen Addict Podcast

Growing Concern that News Photos Are Being Excessively Manipulated – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Hansen’s World Press Winning Photo Not Fake… Just Unbelievable — BagNews

Photo Manipulation on the Fashion Pages – NYTimes.com

Google+ completely redesigned | The Verge

Yahoo revitalizes Flickr with huge images | The Verge

Just Start | Ed Dale’s Blog

Projekt 50 on Behance

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Photographer of the Week

Alec Soth

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio

National Portrait Gallery | Feature Photography


Ping-Pong Conversations: Alec Soth with Francesco Zanot

Ryan McGinley: Whistle for the Wind

Tim Walker: Story Teller