Sunday Morning Prospect Park Shoot - Need People

I saw the picture below for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I haven't found out who shot it, I saw it on a tumblr blog post that had be reposted a dozen times. So I apologize for not crediting them. This Sunday morning in Prospect Park here in Brooklyn, I want to do something similar. Except my version will be much more planned and polished. I'm thinking of adding cracks to the sidewalk, flashes of light, maybe a shockwave. Generally pimping it out as a fun little experiment in compositing.

What I need are people.  At least 12 or so, but the more the merrier. If everyone brings an extra jacket or hat we could probably multiply the group as well.

The plan is to meet this Sunday at 10AM at the bandshell off of Prospect Park West and 9th street. There's a large expanse of concrete and even an option for me to get up above the action.

We will meet right about here (Google Maps Link)

Should be pretty fast. I think 20 minutes, half hour tops. And you can be part of making some fun art.

Again, the more people who come, the cooler it'll look, so join us and tell your friends. If you're thinking of coming, please send me a quick note to so I can get some idea of what number I'll have to work with.

Who's with me?!

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 8.47.34 PM