Frame Your Photographs the Right Way

frameDestination I shot the photograph above about 2 years ago at the beginning of 2011 in the diner up the street from me. It feature the actual proprietor Nick, hitting on a a beautiful woman in a red dress played by my lovely partner Heather. And of course, my friend Claude looks on in disgust from the other end of the counter. I had been meaning to bring Nick a print to put on the wall ever since I shot the picture, but it just kept getting pushed down my to-do list. So I finally printed out an 13x19" print on my favorite Red River Ultra Pro Satin paper and then promptly let the whole thing go back to the back burner again for a week when I realized that I'd have to order a frame. However, I just remembered that I already HAD a frame I could use.

A few months ago when we were doing some promotional work together for the podcast, Frame Destination sent me an sample of what they could and I had it in my closet waiting to decide on a print that was worthy of it's loveliness. So I said, 'screw it' and decided to use the frame for the diner print I was giving to Nick.

Frame Destination will custom cut frames of almost any size from very high-quality materials. Basically it's the same or better quality than you'd get at your professional local framer, but for a fraction of the cost. Really top-notch product. I've used them to frame my Drabbles show at SoHo Photo a few years ago, and it saved me a bundle. The catch is that you've got to mount the print in the frame yourself. Static electricity and dust can be a real nightmare at times, but nothing a reader of this site can't handle. It was also the first time I had used the non-glare plexi instead of glass it I have to admit that it looks beautiful.

For those who are wondering, here's the parts list for the above frame: Nielsen Profile 97 - Matte Black 21 (Anodized) - 18x24 Plexiglas® Non-Glare Acrylic 1/10” - 18x24 Alpharag 8-Ply - White 8660 - 13x19(18x24) Foamboard Acid Free Artcare 3/16 inch - 18x24

So take this a reminder to print, mount, and hang some of your work so other people can enjoy it for years. If you decide to place and order with Frame Destination, try using the coupon code OTP at checkout and I think you might still get a few bucks off... It's certainly worth a try.