Episode 36 - "The Schrodinger Moment"

An epic show this week wherein Bill and Jeffery tear into legacy, life, death, and being remembered. It's deep and heavy and well worth the time. B&W conversion, photography movies, and photo education also make an appearance. Portraitist Platon is our Photographer of the Week. http://www.ontakingpictures.com/podcast/OTP036.mp3

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Show Notes [Sponsor] Squarespace - Site Hosting Get 10% off your order with offer code 'TAKEBETTERPICTURES' Squarespace Portfolio software Ryan Block - “Why I’m Quitting Instagram” Spielberg-Leo Story  Bill's original 365 Project from 2004-2005

[PHOTOGRAPHER of the WEEK] Platon Platon Website Charlie Rose interview with Platon Mark Seliger, Dylan McDermott & Platon

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