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Bill and Jeffery respond to feedback about workshops & websites, famous people buying Leicas, and why taking less pictures is better. Then Bill recounts being ignored by Philip Glass and his methodology behind a group shot of 10 people. Of course Edward Steichen, our photographer of the week, could have done a better job I'm sure.

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Show Notes

Lost Memories (Ferracci created the film as an entry to a competition in Paris that asked filmmakers to imagine what the future will be like. It was shot using a Canon 5D Mark II. Although writing, filming, and editing the footage took only about a day, adding in all the visual effects took Ferracci half a year to complete.):

Ann Curry - Photographer (Lieca M9) Calling them ‘photographs’

Celebs love the Leica:

John Mayer's post about his M4 

Instagram on Huffington Post

Cheap IR remote for Canon on Newegg 

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