Jes Young Writes Drabbles for my Drabbles

A few years ago I made series of 45 'cinematic' portraits. Each image was a little vignette , just a piece of a larger story where you got to fill in the rest with your imagination. As a play off the 'picture is worth a thousand words' thing, I called the series Drabbles after a narrative literary form of exactly one hundred words. So, 100 words of a 1000 where you fill in the other 900. Cute right?

Well today my long-time friend and author Jes Young, whose book "Tab Bennett and the Inbetween" you should go buy on the Amazon kindle store right now (Especially if you're into elf princesses and love triangles), wrote a couple of actual drabbles to go with a couple of my actual Drabbles.  Very cool. And is even inviting her readers to submit their own, which is also very cool.

"Mary is Dead"

"Sonya ♥s Leonard: A Drabble"

So go check them out and submit your own in the comments. I'm still waiting for someone to write one about the shot of Chris Berger at the top of this post.

You can check out the whole series again here:

And of course as always, there are prints available over at: