Canon 5d Mark III Corruption?

I had the weirdest thing happen to my camera yesterday while taking some portraits of author Noah Scalin. I was snapping away like normal.  On camera flash optically slaving an SB80 in one of those little 15" softboxes (which worked AMAZING by the way, and like $40 at Adorama), everything was working just fine. I was about 50 pictures in when I caught the camera's screen out of the corner of my eye, and the picture looked like this:

Artsy, right? But wholly not what the picture looked like. Looks like some kind of error reading the different channels off the chip. Not only the color stuff but also the weird noise over on the left edge as well as the fact that the top of the image was shifted to the bottom and the right edge to the left. And this was still in the RAW data when I pulled it into Lightroom. I've taken hundreds of thousands of shots with various 5D range cameras and have never had this happen.  A subsequent shot looked the same, but the whole thing righted itself when I turned the camera off and on.

I almost wish I knew what happened so that I can make it happen again when I want to.  Kinda has a cool psychedelic late 60's thing going on that would take a while to replicate in PhotoShop.

Anyway, am I the only one or have any of you had this happen?