Lighting Workshop Wrap-up and Seattle Announcement

So about 10 days ago I taught an intimate workshop on lighting portraits at Forgotten Works Studio in DUMBO Brooklyn. I think it was quite a success and I for one had a great time. Thanks to all the guys who participated and to Mary Catherine Green who came and modeled for us for a few hours. I think the size was perfect to make sure everyone got hands-on time with each setup.

There will be more workshop announcements in NYC area later in the summer but in the meantime I'm looking to expand westward.

Composite Portrait Photography from Pre-Vis to Print

Seattle, Washington on July 14th - $400

One of my internet buddies out in Seattle really wanted to make it to the Lighting workshop, but couldn't justify flying across the country for it, which I totally understand.  However, I told him that if we could get enough people to sign up I could totally be the one to fly across the country.

So Mark and I are attempting to put together a workshop out in the Seattle area for mid-july. Most likely Saturday the 14th with a maximum of 20 participants.

It's going to be an all day affair.  In the morning we'll concept and shoot all of the source photos nessessary to put together a fairly complex composite portrait.  Then after lunch we'll hole up in a studio space and I'll walk you through step-by-step the process of pulling all those elements together in to a final image.  I can't imagine more fun without it being illegal.  Ok, that's not true, but it's going to be a good time.

In order for us to make it feasible I'll need at least 10 sign-ups by the second week in June so I can make travel plans and get us a studio. But don't worry, if for whatever reason we don't make it to 10, your deposit will be refunded.

Go read more and sign-up over here: Don't forget to spread the words to your friends in the area.