Naked Extras Needed for this Saturday

As part of my December portrait project I'm planning to shoot editor Lux Alptraum this Saturday (the 17th) in the early afternoon.  The plan is to shoot from above while having her laying clothed on the floor amongst a group of naked bodies.  Those naked bodies are what I need all of you to volunteer for. Some details:  

  • If this is the first you've heard of me, I'm Bill Wadman, a very well respected editorial portrait photographer and the guy behind a few years ago. As well as plenty of other projects since then.  I don't shoot nudes very often and never this many at once so this whole thing is an experience for me as well.
  • There's nothing funny going on with this, no sex or anything, I just need naked people.  We're making art here. Think Spencer Tunick not Peter North.
  • I'm planning on having Lux be the only one looking at the camera, so faces can be turned away or otherwise covered by arms and such if you're concerned about anonymity.
  • We plan to do this pretty fast, I'm hoping for an hour total shoot time.
  • You will be required to sign a model release. Who knows, it might be up in a gallery some day.
  • I've got a great location in Brooklyn, right off the Williamsburg Bridge. Closest stop is Marcy Ave on the J/M/Z.

If this all sounds like it could be fun for you, then here's what you do: Send me an email to  and with

  • your name
  • contact info
  • a picture of yourself (doesn't have to be nude, I'm just trying to get a mix of looks)

If selected to take part, we'll get back to you shortly with all the location details and such.

Thanks so much. Can't wait!