Subjects Required: December Portrait Project

As many of you know, I've been doing a photo-a-day series this year, but I though I'd up the ante in the final month by shooting all portraits and hopefully dramatic ones at that.  Something akin to the pictures from my Drabbles series from a couple years ago if you wanted a point of reference. That plus 30-40% better. Here's what I know so far. They're going to be environmental portraits, many will involve multiple people, some will take their inspiration from old paintings.  I've got a handful of solid ideas to start from and I'm sure plenty more to come.

To that end I need a pool of subjects, ideally lots of them to choose from to fit my needs. So if you're interested in participating here's what you need to know.

  •  You need to be in NYC or can be in NYC for the shoot. (I'll also be in the Arlington, VA / DC area from the 22nd-27th if you live down there)
  • You need to be reliable, because I'm doing one a day and the shoots will often require a bit of planning and involve other people so I can't have you canceling at the last minute.
  • You need to be willing to play a role and possibly ham it up a bit for the camera if necessary.
  • You understand that this is not an opportunity for a free headshot or portrait session.
  • You will be required to sign a model release.
  • Most importantly I want people who want to make something great.

So if you meet all these requirements then send me an email to with:

  1. A recent picture of yourself
  2. Your whereabouts in NYC
  3. Your general schedule or particular dates which might work
  4. Any interesting places you have access to which might make for an interesting setting

As I book certain dates, I'll be updating this public google calendar to show which slots are taken.

Thanks so much and please spread the word.