Rockwell Results

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So I was asked to make an image to benefit the upcoming Hightwater Heart auction benefiting a food bank in Vermont which services those who got pummeled by the flooding brought by Hurricane Irene a few weeks ago. I saw photographs of friend's houses quite literally being pulled down engorged rivers. Some lost everything so I figure the least I can do it try to make something.

There's a famous Norman Rockwell painting of people gossiping which I used as a template to attempt to tell the story from a wet exhausted lady, to a utility worker, to cop, to cub reporter, to the masses of horrified people outside Vermont who heard the stories and saw the cell phone videos and decided to do something to at last make sure the initial lady had food to eat.

I think the plan is to offer a small edition of 10 or so medium size signed prints on eBay in the next couple of weeks.  I'll post and tweet when I know more if you're interested in bidding.

Thanks to everyone involved and all my friends who came out to lend a hand and profile.  I hope you like it.