Rockwell Prints - Highwater heART Auction

A couple of weeks ago I posted the image below which I made for the Highwater HeART Auction to benefit flood victims in Vermont. I also promised that I'd let you know when prints were available. Well the auction is now live on eBay so you've got 3 days to bid on some great work including six signed limited-edition 16x20" prints of my Rockwell-inspired "Telephone" image. They're starting at $80, but I'm sure you guys can do better than that. If you've ever wanted to own a print of my work, now would be a good time. 100% (that's right, 100%) of the proceeds go to to the Vermont Food Bank so don't be shy. Let's help out some people who really need it. Please spread the word.

eBay page link (shortened version):