For Sale: Canon 5D

It's with great trepidation and sadness that I offer my original Canon 5D for sale. This camera is my favorite that I've ever owned and it pains me to part with it. But since it sees so little use sitting in my equipment closet, I feel like it would find a better home with someone who was using for the purpose for which it was intended, taking pictures. For those of you who might be fans of my work, this is the camera that took almost all of the 365 Portraits project. As well as the majority of my editorial work through most of 2008. If you've been a cropped sensor shooter up til now, moving to a full-frame sensor will be a treat. More control over depth-of-field, better low-light performance, actual wide-angle lenses, etc.

It's certainly in used condition, but in that good way that feels like it was part of something great. Otherwise it's in fine working order. It comes with the original box, the Canon battery charger, an aftermarket travel charger, and three batteries. The markings are covered with gaffer's tape, but those come off cleanly, showing off all the free advertising Canon could fit.

I'm looking to get $1000 USD for it, plus shipping if it's international. Feel free to email me any inquires or questions to bill at billwadman dot com or @billwadman on twitter.