Dan Benjamin

I keep a wish list of subjects that I'd love to meet and & shoot, and it's a real treat that I got to snag one of them while visiting my sister and her family down in Austin over the holiday weekend.  This time it's Dan Benjamin, the man, myth, and legend behind the 5by5 internet broadcast network. If you don't already listen to Dan's shows, well then shame on you. Go right now and subscribe to Back to Work and if you're a little on the geeky side, add Hypercritical.  This is good stuff and Dan is a consumate host with knowledgeable and usually quite endearing co-hosts.

Dan took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to meet us downtown at 7AM on a Sunday. That's dedication folks. The streets were completely empty, but it made for interesting backgrounds and nice conversation. An hour walk, 150 or so pictures, a quick breakfast omelet when we were done and now we feel like old friends.

Seriously, this guy was so nice to Heather and I, that I have to think that he and Gina Trapani have some sort of side bet on who can endear themselves to me more. It's a very very close call.