'365 Portraits' Ed Dale Webinar

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed by the ever illustrious Aussie Ed Dale for his private 'Mentoring By Ed' series. We spent about an hour talking about my 365 Portraits series from 2007. How the project came into being, similar projects I had done before, as well as some stories about specific shoots. It was a lot of fun. The bad news is that you didn't get to hear it. The good news is that Ed has given me permission to share them with my biggest fans  (Shh, don't tell the uncool people).

The SD (aka smaller) version  http://media.mentoringbyed.com/MBE20110408SD_Webinar.mp4

as well as the HD (bigger) version http://media.mentoringbyed.com/MBE20110408HD_Webinar.mp4

Enjoy.  Thanks Ed!