Day 68: Desk

I've never claimed not to be the sentimental type. This is the top surface of my work desk that I've had for almost 8 years.  It pre-dates all of my year-long projects. In fact it was at this desk that I decided to do my first one back on the night of November 3, 2004. It pre-dates the death of my father. It pre-dates me being a photographer, professional or otherwise.  Needless to say, there is a lot of personal history between myself and this piece of laminated wood product. The new one which is replacing it is much nicer. It's a bit smaller, which will hopefully lead to less clutter, and it doesn't bow in the middle when I put my 57 pound monitor on it.

That said, I'm having a very hard time thinking about it gone.  So a portrait of my old desktop is today's picture.  Marks from where I cut prints, coke can circles, spills, scuffs, paint, ink and all.

Click to enlarge.