Drabbles Show Wrap-Up

My Drabbles show at SoHo Photo came down this past Saturday.  I'll admit that the whole thing makes me feel a little sad, but I then remember that a solo show at a nice NYC gallery is nothing to sneeze at even when it's over.
As a reminder, here are links to a few of the blog posts about the planing and execution of the show for those who are interested:
To my friends and family who helped make it possible I give great thanks. Especially Marilyn Fish from the gallery who made the whole thing possible. And let's not forget my 46 wonderful subjects, without whom of course, I couldn't have don't it without.
I also gave a talk a couple weeks ago about the 'Making of Drabbles' which I think some of you might find interesting.  We recorded it on video and are working on editing it down for YouTube. I'll certainly let you all know when it's up.
Next step is to find somewhere else to put them up, and also find a gallery to show my 'Motion' series which should be complete in about a week. So if anyone in NY or anywhere else around the country likes my work and has some leads, please send them along.
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