New Project - Panels

I'll admit it, I've never been a reader of comic books. I tried a few times when I was younger, but it never really did that much for me. I'd rather read a book.  That said, as I get older I've found the whole idea of graphic novels more interesting.  Not that I read them per say, but I have great respect for the artists and writers. They're really fine stuff.

So with that as a setup, I was thinking about a new series of probably 10 final works.Think of them as drabbles plus time, and they will all be based upon common dream scenarios. I was initially thinking about panoramas, and then a series of images in a row, but then I thought about laying them out like a graphic novel with no text or dialog. I plan on getting more daring with layout as time goes on as well.
I need both dream ideas and subjects to shoot for them.  If you're interested, send me a picture and a little about yourself as well as any ideas bill (at)  Would love to have some options, so all of those interested will be considered.
Also for those interested, each day they're posted I will be offering a first-come first-serve signed 13x19" small poster prints in an edition of 5 for the low low price of just $100/ea.
You can order them at
The first prototype image is called Falling Girl as it's a falling nightmare.