Drabble Series 2

You may have seen my first set of 21 Drabbles last month.  If not, you can take a look right now:

I'm going to do another set this month.  Right now they're in the planning stages.
Same rules as before:

1) All images will be landscape orientation.  That is, wider than they are tall.  
2) All of the images will use setup lights of some sort.  No all available light shoots.
3) None of the subjects will be looking at the camera.

and a couple more that I followed throughout the first set:
4) One lens.  28mm/1.8 prime
5) The picture should tell a story and may relate to other Drabbles.


Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It
I need more subjects. I have a number of candidates left over from the first set, but I need MORE, a lot more in the pool.

So if you know any striking looking people, have them send me an email with their contact info and two or three pictures, so I can see what they look like, to bill at billwadman dot com

I need older people, I need younger people (18+), and most of all I need interesting people who are up for a little role playing.