October Project - STRIKING

The Deal
I will be shooting another daily portrait project in October, so I've got 31 slots available.

What I'm looking for are people that can be described as 'Striking'.  This could mean beautiful in that weird model, Gemma Ward/Lily Cole way, or just someone that makes you do a mental double-take when you see them and say "Wow, he's interesting looking." or "Wow, look at that beard!"  I'm looking for different ages, ethnicities, and looks.  All applicants will be considered.

I'm talking about that tall girl at work with the big eyes and pink hair, or your uncle who has had dreads since 1976.

"Help me Obi-Won Kenobi, you're my only hope"
So, this is where you come in. I need people.  Lot's of people. And I need them fast.

So, please, take a minute, do some mental exercise and think of people who might work and have them email me (bill@billwadman.com) a little bit about themselves and a picture. Obviously, you can point them to my work at billwadman.com so they can see I'm not kidding around.  Please do it now before you forget!

Most of the month I'm going to be in New York City, though I may be taking a trip out west to Vegas/Zion NP the third week in.