Hero - Mick Guzauski

On Friday I took the train up to Mount Kisco to meet and shoot recording and mix engineer legend Mick Guzauski. Mick is one of the top guys in the biz and has been around since the 70's, not to mention he's got 8 Grammy's in his front hallway and enough platinum records on his walls to tile my apartment. Plus on top of that he's a really nice guy.

Mick's the guy who recorded "That's What Friends Are For" and Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" to start with. On top of that he's mixed everyone from Ray Charles, Earth Wind & Fire, Talking Heads, Michael Bolton, Christina Aguilera, and a bunch of Clapton records just to name a few.

He even played me some of the 5.1 surround mix of Thriller which was never released because of what I can only imagine are legal reasons. Sufficed to say, it was insane.

Oh, and then he took my out on his boat after. Thanks Mick!