Japan - the camera dilema.

Ok, so I'm leaving for Japan in a couple weeks and have been thinking about the camera question.  I need a break from shooting tons of digital stuff, and I've been told by my friend Jonathan who lives over there that I can get film, so I've decided to bring a film camera.  Just one film camera.  Which begs the question, 'Which film camera?'

I've got two options in mind, Hasselblad medium format or Leica M 35mm format.  Both are excellent cameras, surprisingly similar in weight (actually the Leica might be a little heavier). and with a bag on the leica, they're about the same size.

I'm leaning towards the Hasselblad and shooting mostly chromes, as that's what's brought me the most pleasure in the past, but thought I'd get the opinions of others that have been there and done that.  Remember that I'm not shooting for sale or anything, these are just for me and I don't mind coming back with 150 pictures total.  Maybe a roll a day or so for 2 weeks

Medium format is easier to scan, but 35mm would have more images per roll and is a little 'faster' to use.  Ah, decisions, decisions.

If anyone has any advice or insight, please enlighten me.  Thanks.