Intel i7 Photoshop/Lightroom Workstation - Part Three "The Juice"

So I waited at my place all day for UPS to deliver the two fans that will complete my machine and let me close up the side and make all of the wires pretty, but alas it was on a truck for delivery from 4am this morning and yet at 8PM they claimed they couldn't deliver due to the weather.  Sounds like a "Dog ate my homework" to me.

Anyway. In The Girl Next Door one of the characters says "Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze".  I did get a chance to actually USE the computer since the last post and so far so yummy. Seriously, it's delightful. For example, in photoshop (which launches in half the time), if you were using a healing brush to remove a hair across someones face, on my old machine the computer would take a second or so to calculate before refreshing.  Now it's instantaneous. When I lift the pen off the tablet, it's done.  Super.  It's like drawing on paper instead of a computer, it's become that much more transparent. The same goes for most of the filters that I use, much improvement. I plan to do some real shooting tomorrow, so we'll see how it holds up with that kind of abuse. So far I'm very happy with the upgrade. Definitely worth the squeeze.

Here's the result from a raw file I took a couple weeks ago: