Short Takes for 2.6.09

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my blog software is on the fritz and independently I was in a funk.  Or rather I'm still in a funk. Weird how that happens isn't it?  One minute you've got so many ideas and not enough time, the next nothing but the future and no idea what to do with it.  I think a post on how to overcome walls and depressions is in order.  Comment if you've got any solutions.  It's kinda funny that we call them walls and depressions considering those are almost two opposite things.  Anywho, in other news...

Intel just lowered the price of their SSDs substantially. I'm currently thinking about building a nice new i7 machine, so that's very interesting indeed.  All the parts and 12GB of ram for around $1200. Yum. And I saw a RAW conversion benchmark today that basically said that it would be around twice as fast as my current quad-core 6600.

This morning I sold my 1DsIII.  Didn't get nearly as much as I wanted for it, as the prices depreciated massively once the 5D2 was released. Amazing camera but I couldn't afford to keep both.  Well, I 'could' keep them both, but it felt silly as I'd use the 5D2 more due to it's size and better noise.  I will miss the 100% viewfinder, and nice weight in your hands, as well as the sound of the 1D shutter. Sometimes, late at night, when it's very quiet, I feel that I can almost hear her clicking away in NJ. <sniffle>

I'd really like to get an 85mm/1.2L but I just can't afford it at the moment.  I'm looking to try some of that Karsh lighting I wrote about a couple weeks ago and needed something a little longer than my 24-70 zoom could give me, so I went and bought an 85/1.8 the other day.  After using the 1.2 on jobs, the 1.8 is not very exciting and neither of them focus close enough, but playing with it when shooting Dasha the other day was interesting.  Especially for a wide-angle guy like me.

Speaking of Dasha, she's a fancy pants.  Check out what other people have done with her in the past.  Also check out Meg's photos from the shoot.