Sad Press

Some of you may remember that little printing company downstairs from me that I've talked about before.  The guy who owns it is closing after his family has had the shop and building for about 100 years.  This guy literally grew up there.

Well today I awoke to loud truck sounds, looked out the window and saw a small forklift moving the 100 year old press onto a flatbed truck.  I went down and too some pictures.  The guy walked past and I said, "You ok?"  and he replied, "No, I'm not ok. It makes me want to cry". And if you saw this guy (I'm going to take his portrait soon), you'd know that crying is not a normal state for him.

The new owner went over to shake his hand to seal the deal once they had it on the truck and my guy said, "Take good care of it."  It was terribly sad.  Actually made me cry. The good news is that the press is going to PrintIcon on 18th street in Chelsea, so it's going to continue to be used. 

Here's one of the photos.  I took a print down to him earlier.  Sorry it's big, just one of those that doesn't look good small.