Margot Stevenson Update

Those of you who used to watch my 365 Portraits project may remember a woman I shot on her 95th birthday 2 years ago named Margot Stevenson.  A lovely and greatly accomplished actress who was one of my, and seemingly everyone I talk to about the projects', favorite subjects of the year. Well yesterday was her 97th birthday and her daughter had people over to visit.  She's confined to her bed now and still sightless, but still as conversant and adorable as ever.  Figured I'd give everyone an update.

Funny thing about this profession is that in the end it's the moments and experiences with other people that make it worthwhile and interesting.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that simple fact while you're living it. And sometimes when I see people around me aging, frankly it can be depressing, but not in this case, this time it's got me up at 5:30AM to write about it.

On the way back from the store to get a juice just now I was thinking about counterfeit money (long story, had a $10 fake in my wallet yesterday), which led me to think about the end of Catch Me If You Can where they talk about how Frank now helps banks make better checks, which led me to think about Steven Spielberg working on the film, which led me to think about what I'd feel like if Mr Spielberg were to die today (very sad is the answer), and finally that made me think about the fact that all that I can leave is the work that I can do when I'm alive.  That goes for Steven's directing career, Margot's acting, and my photography.  It can be a difficult goal and a lot of pressure to put on yourself to try to constantly make photos that are your life's best. And often disappointing because they can't all live up.  But then again, if that's not your goal, then what is?