Polaroid Pogo

So it ain't 55, but it's something.  My friend Mary Elizabeth Williams stopped by today with a Polaroid Pogo that she's reviewing for her radio show.  Imagine a battery powered photo printer about the size of couple decks of cards next to each other.  Plug it into your camera, or wirelessly over bluetooth from your phone, and you can print out "instant" (about 60 seconds) photos.

They're small, about 1.5x2" (they say they're 2x3 but they're not.  Very contrasty, not very color correct, but in my book they're not supposed to look good. They look like mini polaroids.  Kinda like the mini bites at Cinnabon.

Retails for $99 and packs of 30 sheets of the instant paper go for about $12 from what I understand. The 'ink' is included in the paper. 

Is it reasonable to plug a 21MP 1DsIII into such a device?  Probably not, but it worked. Pretty easily and flawlessly actually.  Do I want one?  I haven't placed and order, but if I were to get one as a present it could be kinda fun.  I'm not sure that there's enough of a market of 15 year old girls to make it work long term, but I've been wrong before.

Oh and did I mention that they're stickers too?