One last time with feeling.

Ok, time to put a 'For Sale' sign on some gear again.

My 3 very nice lenses didn't sell a couple weeks ago.  A number of nibbles but no bites.  Therefore I'm going to try a super package deal before I put them on ebay.  I'd much rather sell to my readers.

So I'm going to lower my prices a little bit.
Canon 17-40mm f/4 L with lens hood.  Very good condition  -  $425
Canon 70-200mm f/4 L with lens hood.  Good condition (couple of nicks on the white paint - see photo) - $375
Canon 100 f/2  Very good condition - $250

If you want all 3 I've got a package deal: 17-40/4L, 70-200/4L, and 100/2, all three lenses for $1000 total.  That's $50 less than I am selling them separately.

Also I've decided to sell my Canon 1DsIII.  It's a super camera in so many ways, head and shoulders better than the 5dII, and it makes me very sad to do it, however I just can justify having both.  So it's about 3 months old, cared for very well, and is in super condition except for one small cosmetic scratch near the hot shoe.  Original box, untouched strap, battery, charger, manuals, etc.  $6000

Oh and my Eizo CE240W  I'm lowering the price to $800.  Which is a crazy deal

All prices are without shipping. I'll give everybody until Saturday morning to get back to me.  If you're interested or have questions or comments, email me at