For Sale - Winter Cleaning

In photography as in most pursuits that involve gear, you end up buying a lot of things that you either don't end up using or use for a while and then move onto the new piece of kit.  Well it's time for me to move some stuff out of here.  So I figured I'd give my readers first bite before I bother with ebay.  All prices are without shipping added.  If you live in NYC you can certainly come and pick them up.  Email me if you're interested:  bill at

So without further adeu (images below):

Canon 17-40mm f/4 L with lens hood.  Very good condition  -  $450
I loved this lens when I got it.  My first taste of L glass and I can't go back.

Canon 70-200mm f/4 L with lens hood.  Good condition (couple of nicks on the white paint - see photo) - $400
Known as one of the sharpest lenses Canon makes.  Great when you need a little reach.

Canon 100 f/2  Very good condition - $300
Crazy sharp, good for concert photography.  I once read a review where the guy said "never take photographs of your significant other with this lens, it'll show all their flaws and they'll never talk to you again."   Yes, it's THAT sharp.

Lensbaby v1  EOS mount - $40
If you don't know what a lensbaby is, I'm sure you can do some research online, but imagine a finger focus lens that gives you results somewhere between tilt-shift and a Holga

Graphex 4x5" rail camera with 135mm lens - $50
Honestly I've never actually used this camera. I bought it on a whim and then the next day ended up buying a high-end modern one.  That said, the shutter works and seems timed about right. I can even throw in a few film holders to get you started.  If you ever wanted to mess around with large format for fun, this might be your chance.

Lacie 250GB USB 2.0 hard drive - $30  
This is the full size version that needs to be plugged into the wall too, but otherwise a nice drive for backup and such.

and finally, last but certainly not least

Eizo CE240W 24" LCD monitor - $1000
If you're up on these things, you'll know that this is a GREAT monitor.  Eizo is not to be compared to your run of the mill Dell and Apple. I could talk all day about how much I've loved this thing (best thing I've ever bought for photography) but you can do a google search for reviews and you'll see.   You'll have to wait til next week some time to get this one though, I'm waiting for it's replacement to get delivered.  Also, this one would probably be easier to do locally as shipping might be expensive.