Misc Tues Stuff

- Timothy Armes wrote an export plug-in for Lightroom called 'LR Mogrify' based on ImageMagick that is certainly interesting, and may even give better results (certainly more options) than the Adobe one that's built in.  Free to use for 10 images at an export, unlimited if you donate (I did).  You can read about/download here.  Thanks to Erik for sending me a heads-up via email.

- Looked at my hard drives today, and my main 1TB photo array is getting up there.. about 150GB free.  Time to start planing a real answer to that storage issue I discussed a while back.  I'm seriously thinking about a 4 drive external SATA array. Maybe RAID 0+1.

- Also looking to replace my fantastic Eizo CE240W monitor with a 30" and I'm looking at the NEC 3090.  Working with these 21MP images needs a lot of real estate, and the portrait mode might actually be fantastic for this particular use.  If anyone has any thoughts on the NEC or is interested in buying my Eizo when I switch.  Let me know.

- I currently use a small Wacom tablet (4x6") and need to upgrade because I've tried it with a 30" display and it's too small to control well. I was thinking about the 6x11" if anyone has any thoughts on the 'widescreen' tablets pros and cons.

- Doing commercial work is great except that you've got to wait MONTHS to get paid, which is infuriating and stressing me out.  Everyone needs their photos TODAY but god forbid they pay you in a timely manner.  It's just a respect thing, or lack thereof.