Canon 5D Mark II - My thoughts

Yesterday Canon finally announced their replacement for the now 3 year old (that's 108 digital camera years) 5D SLR. In a few ways, I miss using my 5D.  It's small, light, and has excellent image quality. So as someone who shot over 120,000 frames with a 5D and used it as my main body until very recently, I've been eagerly awaiting this news and have some thoughts I thought I'd share with you.

First off, the good stuff.  21MP is super, though at less than 3 grand I'm a little pissed I just bought a 1DsIII. Higher ISO speeds and better high-ISO performance, looks pretty good so far, though I'm a detail guy and find the noise reduction necessary at these levels tends to mush detail a little too much for my liking. High-res screen, super and I wish I had it on my flagship 1D.  1080P video mode, honestly couldn't care less as I don't shoot video, though I guess this would be useful to photo-journalists.

Now for the bad.  Same or very similar AF system to the old 5D, hmm.. well I rarely use anything but the center focus point and almost all of my subjects are still, that said, I kind of wanted a pro AF system in a smaller package or at least a really substantial upgrade.  The new viewfinder is slightly larger at 98%, thought we'll see if the 5DII's is actually an improvement on what was a very good but not incredible finder on the original. I've become a little addicted to the 100% finder on the 1D.

But the main thing that's stopping me from pre-ordering one right now is the shutter.  Supposedly it's the same as the old camera.  While 3 or 4 frames per second is fine for me as I never shoot in anything other than single frames, the blackout time on the 5D can simply be described as glacial.  Seriously, it's like 150ms or something.  I think my 40 year old Hasselblad is faster.  We'll see I guess, maybe it's better than I think or maybe I can get over it.

Oh, and I'm not sure why everyone is always complaining about the lack of environmental sealing in these non-pro bodies.  I've used my Canon cameras in mild rain tons of times and had no problem.  You'd think that everyone on DP Review was shooting on a sandy beach during a huricane the way they talk.