Done. And some shots of Owen.

I'm back, and done.

4 days of shooting, 24 people from 3 orchestras, at 3 locations, with over 3000 images to show for it.  It was a marathon, but in the end I'd say it went about as well as it could possibly have.  Everyone got along, everything went smoothly. Couldn't have done it without my producer Marlene, Meg my assistant, and PA's James and Kevin. As well as Jennifer, Carlos, Larissa, and everyone else at the agency. <cue applause>

At the end of day 3, I shot a cello player from the BSO named Owen Young. He was such a nice guy that when were done I pulled him over to a window, picked up the backup body and snapped off a dozen frames just for me.  Three of those shots are below.