So, it has arrived this morning around 10, and it's all taped up and ready to go. I had to wait for a couple hours while the battery charged (always have to treat your batteries right from the beginning), so I just got to play a little while ago.

I've got a portrait shoot later today, and so there will be many more interesting shots then, but I wanted to give some first observations.

Weight and size are about what I expected. Definitely heavier than the 5D of course, but this is for serious work, and I've always got the smaller body if I want to walk around with it.  The shutter is nice and snappy, yum. And the viewfinder is actually big and bright enough to manually focus for real. Something I've never really been able to do on the 5D for some reason.

I know I said a while back that I had posted the ugliest photo ever, well I may have topped myself.  Below are two shots.  One, a really ugly shot of the street about a block away from my in park slope.  I was trying to see how the camera and RAW files dealt with midday sun, some sky and some buildings (the answer is "pretty well" at first blush).

The second shot is a crop from the center of the image, showing the crazy amount of detail.  Clearly defined individual leaves, and hell, even an airplane a mile away is clearly visible.  This was a 50mm/1.4 but it clearly shows that at least some of Canon's glass can handle 21MP.