Chef Jose Andres

An outtake from my session with Chef Jose Andres at his house outside DC for Eating Well magazine last year. Window light, backdrop painted by Kevin Greer.

170608_JoseAndreas_4474 1 1.jpg

Nudes of Sasha Smith

My incredibly badass dancer friend Sasha stopped by on Monday to play around with a soft underexposed lighting setup I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Black seamless with a window behind my shooting position for fill, a small key light with a 1/2 CTO gel and a beauty dish was 10 feet to the right
It was a test, but I think we succeeded.

Eating Well - 2018 Food Heroes

I again had the opportunity to shoot a series of portraits for Eating Well's 2018 Food Heroes issue. I traveled to DC, Boston, Cleveland, a farm in Indiana, Austin, Monterey, and London over the course of a couple of months. If fact I think I spent more time in cars to JFK than my own bed. But along the way I got to spend time with a ten fascinating people and learned about seafood conservation, soil health, farm legislation, produce production, the rights of food workers, food packaging, and how not to be trampled by a 1000 pound bison. Who could ask for more? I love my job.